The Digital Site Report

Rather than writing a traditional research paper, students will research a specific object and create a digital site report (effectively a website) about a site of their choice from the Classical, Late Antique or Islamic worlds that has not been discussed in class; this site can be a city or a smaller, specific site or building.

The website will be created using wordpress in the CUNY Academic Commons.

This project aims to teach students how to interpret a site from an archaeological perspective and to present their findings in a digital format.

Students will submit a digital portfolio, detailing the links, plug-ins, and other media that they intend on using.

There will be two seminars dedicated to digital project (one to introduce students to wordpress and to demonstrate someof the digital skills required to create these site reports will be discussed and demonstrated; and second to critique the websites before they are due)

The  Digital Site Projects are due on December 15th at 9 am.


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